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Upon entering the world of The Great Orator, you’re surrounded by abandoned monuments of modernity – a car park, a giant event hall, a mainframe – dictated to by the omnipresent voice of the titular narrator. A spiritual guru who also appears to have political power in this strange, deserted environment, she provides participants with advice and guidance.



This is a non-linear journey through an environment haunted by the voices of the Orator and her loyal followers. The Great Orator opens up questions about individuality, the power of emotional speech, and society’s ongoing obsession with so-called “great leaders”. It is also an exploration of tricks of the mind such as the ELIZA effect, whereby people assign human characteristics to machines behaving in humanistic ways, and the Forer effect, where statements that apply to anyone can feel deeply personal and singular.


The Great Orator demonstrates VR’s potential as a unique narrative medium.


The great orator is a virtual reality game experience that attempts to comment and create a dialogue about mass surveillance through a surreal adventure employing artificial intelligence as a part of a variable narrative that will be ever-changing together with the state of the world and the experience itself.


Creator Daniel Ernst is a veteran within the field of virtual reality and has created many renowned experiences, His latest creation “Die Fernweh Oper” won a Golden Calf for best interactive experience at the Netherlands Film Festival.

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